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Have you been wronged by Vallarta Gardens? Do you lie awake at night wondering what to do? 

What we do..........

“Information is Key” and here and on the next few pages we explain in detail how this Vallarta Gardens scam works and what you can or can not do about it. If you are a foreigner and are not use to the ways that things work in Mexico, then we offer some help. We are not lawyers and are not giving legal advice. We are just providing vital information on how to move forward in getting your self esteem back and maybe even your money. Through hands on insider information we can tell you how you may have been scammed, by whom and what you may be able to do about it. If you would like to know the “major players” at Vallarta Gardens and their latest contact information, click the Contact button.

You are not alone

Hundreds of people have been scammed by Vallarta Gardens and many have just given up but others are fighting back. On this next page here are some of the experiences that others have had and how they feel about it. Many have had the same experience while others are more unique.  

Get the help you need for


On this website you will find many answers to what happened to you and why. Also who are the main players in this scam and how to contact them directly and not a front man.
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